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Warwickshire Cycling Map
27th March 2018 - 0 comments
The new county cycling map has been issued, complete with on of my images of Chesterton Windmill on the front cover.

Close to home
22nd December 2017 - 0 comments
The fields are bare, trees are skeletal in form and leaden skies prevail. Where's the spark to fire the shutter? Still days and mirror like water give you double the problem but look to the familiar for inspiration. This is when the photo becomes artwork, soft light, reflections, simple palette almost monochrome.
Add the merest hint of snow, settled precariously on those lifeless limbs and you start to craft an image where no one else sees the beauty or the opportunity. Let your eyes walk through the landscape and you create a the image - closer to home than you perhaps think.

Winter's coming
18th December 2017 - 0 comments
Weather forecast checked, alarm set and you wake up to exactly what you'd hoped for. You have a plan, a vision in your head to create. Batteries charged, location decided upon. Coat, hats, scarf, warm socks, boots, perhaps a flask of tea.
An hour later on an exposed hilltop, wind blowing gently you start to set up, tripod's metal legs weighted down to stop minor vibrations, spirit level set up, shutter release cable fixed, scene decided upon - you're warm on the inside - what can the weather do that can ruin your morning? Gloves why did I forget them?

When you've lost an hour
28th October 2017 - 0 comments
It's easy to find that perfect location, one that offers a multitude of opportunities. A Cornish harbour or an evening by the river watching the boats arrive and depart, or simply watching the cloud shapes evolve and disperse.

Fortunately my wife loves people watching and crabbing can be such fun.

A wide open vista a an image every minute creates a basic time lapse study of warming light and shifting shadows.

Yet the nights have drawn in, dawn's first rays resonate with the buzz of the alarm clock - it's easy to lose an hours daylight when the clocks go back.
Halfway to a million
19th October 2017 - 0 comments
Last night the website ticked over 500,000 page views.
Thank you to all of you that have visited the site, taken inspiration from the images that are displayed, left comments, made purchases and passed on the link.
You have visited from all around the world, please do look again.
Thank you
What constitues local?
18th September 2017 - 0 comments
In an ever connected world what constitutes "being local"? For me the "hour to Cirencester" gives me a glorious swathe of the northern Cotswolds, north Oxfordshire and South Warwickshire to play with.

Yet an hour east or north takes me to where exactly - I admit to not really finding out, familiarity definitely plays its part.

The Cotswolds and South Warwickshire are a natural draw for tourists on a "whistlestop" tour of the UK. North Warwickshire, Leicestershire and even Northamptonshire don't feature. The gently undulating landscape of this hinterland surely holds hidden gems, maps and scenes to be studied over winter.
Catching the light on a family holiday
01st September 2017 - 0 comments
The golden hours at each end of the day are perfect for photographers, but waiting for that decisive moment is hardly conducive to family harmony when small children are around.

You can't beat a cottage in the heart of a Cornish fishing village, or the rolling Dorset hills, or the Cumbrian mountains - everyone loves an evening walk by the river or lake or harbour.

Thankfully my children are teenagers, the myth of them being bed bound exploded one morning when they walked in at 5am and announced 'the light was great - were we going out with the camera?'

Which genre is it?
23rd August 2017 - 0 comments
Landscape or travel - the lines are increasingly blurred. When I create an image of my local landscape I have travelled to it - perhaps just a mile or so, but I have left one place to get to it.
Perhaps it means studying the late night weather forecast and going to bed knowing that "you'll be out there" in the morning.
So what does it mean for landscape images created on the move, where waiting hours for the perfect light isn't possible, the conditions are what they are - where do they fit.
In the end maybe everything is travel....or landscapes

New for 2017
02nd January 2017 - 0 comments
Happy New Year
2017 has arrived and 2016 culminated in a major cull - but it frees up space for more updated and more localised images.

Please feel free to comment on individual images, it's always good to hear what people think, and what they make them think of.

Thanks for passing by, I hope you return again soon.