About Windmillskies

Windmillskies is the contemporary photographic art gallery of Martin Philpott.

My style has been described as minimalistic and simple, often reducing the image to two or three key elements. Photography concentrates on an area roughly described as South Warwickshire, North Oxfordshire, The Northern Cotswolds and East Worcestershire.

It is an area of contrasts, from the flat riverside plain of South Warwickshire and the Vale of Evesham to the limestone escarpment of the Cotswolds. In an area that shaped medieval England, modern Britain merely nods in acquaintance.

About Me

My interest in photography started in my mid teens fired by a Konica 35mm SLR bundles of film and a curious nature. Over the years the Konica became a Bronica and eventually film became digital, but the curiosity remained.

Landscape photography was, and still is, my first photographic love. Whether it's seeing potential in a scene that no-one else has considered, or photographing an iconic landmark, the desire to produce an image of the world through my eyes remains the same.

Much is made of the use of early morning and late evening light, the quality of pre-dawn and dawn light, where the atmosphere is pollution free is arguably the best time. Early starts reap benefits, not only in the quality of light but also the surreal nature of having the world to yourself.

My stock work is marketed through the following stock agencies:

Picturebank Photo Agency in London,
Footprint Images in Warwick
Photographers Direct.

I currently live in Stratford upon Avon with my wife Sally and children Anna and Ben.

Stock photography by Martin Philpott at Alamy